tumblr_mgu97cT6cO1rksc8zo1_1280This was our second day of shooting for the Dawes video, today we decided to head for the High Level Bridge in Newcastle (Featured in Get Carter 1971). The snow was falling gently while filming, but by the time we wrapped a big snowstorm was starting to come in.


photoToday was cold, we have been waiting for it to snow to get these particular shots of Newcastle, for the Dawes acoustic session that we shot on December, Tuesday 04 . Deciding The Baltic was a good place to get some establishing shots, we witnessed a snowstorm come in covering the Quayside. It didn’t last long but it sure was pretty.

The results are out… We didn’t win but again this has been a great learning experience for us, everyone involved with the project have taken something positive away from it. The Competition was always going to be tough and the winner and runners up are very well deserved. As the Director i want to thank everyone who helped me make this video and took the time to watch and vote. Just to get to create something alongside such a great Band like Sigur Ros was enough for me. Thank you – James